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Engaging Civil Society Will Help Ensure Transparent and Credible Review of Climate Pledges (with Michael Davidson, The Conversation, Dec. 2015)

Where Wai (Outer) Meets Nei (Inner): How China’s international and domestic policy positions reinforce each other (with Michael Davidson, ChinaFAQs, Dec. 2015)

For carbon pricing in China, the question is not “if” but “how” – with lessons for the United States (Carbon Pulse, Dec. 2015)

Double Impact: Why China Needs Coordinated Air Quality and Climate Strategies (中国治理大气污染和应对气候变化为什么需要单独但要协调的政策) Paulson Institute (Feb. 2015)

Is the US-China Climate Change Deal a Game-Changer? (Dec. 2014)

The case for a higher gasoline tax (New York Times, February 2013)

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On the Paris Climate Talks (Dec. 2015)

New insights into carbon emissions in China (June 2015)

MIT-China team offers approach for addressing distributional equity alongside economic efficiency in a national emissions trading system

China’s About-Face in Climate Talks (Wall Street Journal)

It’s Official: China Pledges Ambitious Goal Toward UN Climate Deal (Christian Science Monitor)

Watch Live: Local and Global Action on the Path to Paris (Christian Science Monitor)

From Boston to Beijing, signs of climate momentum (Christian Science Monitor)

On the U.S.-China Climate Agreement (Nov. 2015)

What the big U.S.-China climate announcement means

Everything You Need to Know about the U.S.-China Climate Change Agreement

On Chinese Energy, Climate, and Air Pollution Policy

CO2 Pollution Holds Steady as China’s Economy Cools

Research examines whether policies can curtail the growth of greenhouse gases

On U.S. Climate and Energy Policy

U.S. Leaves the Markets Out in the Fight Against Carbon Emissions

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Sharing Climate Research and Strategies in Paris (Dec. 2015)

Will the Paris climate summit lead to a cooler planet? (Nov. 2015)

New insights into carbon emissions in China (June 2015)

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MIT-China Team Offers Approach for Addressing Distributional Equity alongside Economic Efficiency in a National Emissions Trading System

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A Tandem Production (Nature Climate Change, Dec. 2014)